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Welcome to Roblox Players Wiki!Create a page about your Robloxian or Place!Just follow the rules,and everything will be fun!


  1. No spamming or vandilizing.
  2. Only admins can edit main page.
  3. If you Copy+Paste something,please edit the words a bit.IF WE FIND OUT THAT YOU COPY+PASTE JUST HOW ON SITE,YOU WILL GET 1 YEAR BLOCK.
  4. No romance.Doing so will block you are the person who you are in love with.
  5. No bossing around.Doing so will remove you from the wiki.
  6. AK777 wikis and ROBLOX Players Wiki are NOT responsible for password loss.
  7. Absoulutly no hacking.Your account will get termed.
  8. No swearing.
  9. No bad words.
  10. NO Copying from ROBLOX Players Wiki.Doing so will result in a ban and deletion of your words on other wiki/site.
  11. If someone is being mean email
  12. No sending us unessesery email suchs as ads,false reports and sites outside ROBLOX Players Wiki.
  13. If you make a place page,the place must exist and be active.
  14. No making a player page for Builderman or ROBLOX.
  15. No spamming on administrator blogs.
  16. No drama.
  17. No account switching or trading.
  18. No sockpuppeting.
  19. No cusotimizing wordmark or background.
  20. No asking for promotions.If you want to be admin or rollback, you need to have 200 edits and have good behavior.You are also required to never have broke the rules.To be chat mod, you need to have 101 edits and have broke a rule only 1 time or less.You also need to be on chat often.
  21. Last but not least, dont be mean or rude and HAVE FUN!!!Don't ruin it!
  22. More Fun.

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